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Dr. Suresh Kumar S Patel

Dr. Suresh Kumar S Patel serves as a distinguished Consultant Medical Oncologist at Cancer Centers of America, with comprehensive expertise spanning the management of adult and pediatric tumors. Dr. Patel is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients. His extensive experience encompasses all kinds of chemotherapy, administered in both daycare and inpatient settings, with a notable focus on Immunotherapy.

Dr. Patel is proficient in various medical procedures, including PICC line insertion and bone marrow and lumbar procedures, showcasing his commitment to comprehensive patient care. His adept management of a wide range of oncological cases and special focus on innovative treatment modalities align with the Cancer Centers of America's mission to offer cutting-edge and compassionate healthcare services. With a commitment to advancing cancer care, Dr. Suresh Kumar S Patel is an integral part of the hospital's team, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and personalized treatment options to patients.

Consultant - Medical Oncologist
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