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Blood Cancer


In most cases, blood cancer or leukaemia begins in the bone marrow. In leukemia, an abnormal increase of blood cells called "blasts" or "leukaemia cells" causes chaotic growth and division of the blood cells. If detected early, blood cancer treatment is possible.

Common blood cancer symptoms


  • A feeling of tiredness 

  • Breathlessness 

  • Unexplained rashes, bruises, or bleeding    

  • Infections or unexplained fever    

  • Lumps   

  • Swellings

Blood Cancer Treatment Costs


The cost of blood cancer treatment depends on the type and duration of the treatment needed.  This may include Chemotherapy, Bone marrow transplant, radiation therapy and targeted therapy or  other treatment plans recommended by the specialist. The average cost of treating leukaemia (blood cancer) ranges from  10 lakhs-25 lakhs).

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