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Advanced Technology


Elekta Infinity

Radiation therapy is a powerful ally in the fight against cancer, and technological advancements continually improve its precision, efficiency, and accessibility. One such advancement is the Elekta Infinity Radiation Therapy System, an innovative solution that promises to revolutionize cancer treatment. With cutting-edge features and precision-focused therapy methods, the Elekta Infinity ensures more effective and streamlined care for patients. Let's explore how this technology is making strides at our Cancer Center Of Excellence in Amritsar.

Discovery IQ PET/CT Scanner

In the realm of cancer diagnosis and treatment, technological breakthroughs continue to elevate the precision and efficacy of medical procedures. One such technology, the PET-CT scan, has emerged as a crucial diagnostic tool. Particularly, the Discovery IQ PET/CT scanner represents the forefront of medical imaging, seamlessly blending functionality and patient care. Let's delve into how this technology is redefining the landscape of cancer diagnostics and treatment at our advanced center for cancer care in Amritsar.

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