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Dr. Neeru Jyotsna Kerketta

Consultant - Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Neeru Jyotsna Kerketta is a distinguished figure in the realm of nuclear medicine and oncology, with a rich tapestry of accomplishments spanning both research and clinical expertise. With a fervent dedication to advancing medical knowledge, Dr. Kerketta has presented her research findings on esteemed platforms such as ANMPICON Aurangabad and ANMPICON Pune. Her oral paper presentation on "Comparison of 11C methionine and 99mTc methionine in the detection of breast cancer" reflects her commitment to exploring innovative approaches in cancer detection. Likewise, her poster presentation on "Conundrum of Liposarcoma-risk assessment with FDG PET/CT scan" underscores her prowess in unraveling complex diagnostic challenges.


In addition to her scholarly contributions, Dr. Kerketta has made significant strides in clinical practice, particularly in the realm of PET/CT reporting for oncological and non-oncological indications. Her expertise extends to the treatment of thyroid disorders, where she adeptly employs low and high-dose therapies to optimize patient outcomes. Dr. Kerketta's academic acumen is further showcased through her co-authorship of a case report published in the esteemed World Journal of Nuclear Medicine, elucidating the role of FET in differentiating Ewing’s sarcoma from Osteomyelitis.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Kerketta is deeply engaged with prominent organizations such as SNMMI, SNMI India, ANMPI, and the Jharkhand Oncology Group. Her involvement in various cancer awareness programs and conferences underscores her commitment to advancing cancer care and education. With a fervent dedication to patient-centric care and a profound commitment to advancing the frontiers of medicine, Dr. Neeru Jyotsna Kerketta embodies excellence in nuclear medicine and oncology.

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