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Breast cancer 


Breast cancer occurs when cancerous cells grow abnormally and form a tumour. Breast cancer is usually detected by a mammogram / ultrasound / x-ray. Breast cancer treatment depends on the type and extent of the cancer. Breast cancer mostly affects women, but men also have breast cancer in some rare cases. Some of the main causes of breast cancer are inherited mutated genes, exposure to radiation, or lifestyle factors.

Common breast cancer symptoms


  • The presence of a lump in the breast or underarm (armpit). 

  • The presence of thickening or swelling in the breast. 

  • The presence of irritation and dimpling in the breast. 


Treatment Costs

The cost of breast cancer treatment depends on the type and duration of the treatment needed.  This may include Lumpectomy, Immunotherapy, Mastectomy, Targeted therapy, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy and other treatment plans recommended by the specialist doctor. 


Lumpectomy treatment may range from  Rs. 1 – 2.15 lakhs, while radiation therapy may range from Rs. 1.15–3.5 lakhs. Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy can cost anywhere between the range of 1 lakh to 15 lakhs depending on the medicines used and the length of treatment.

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